Ra2media is the best use of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and many more to promote yourself or your company. 

If you are looking for a way to boost your online presence and become famous, then your best choice is our SMM panel where we offer services to help you boost your online presence across all social media platforms at the cheapest prices.

Why use Ra2media.com?

We've been clients of these big social media panels before but we decided to build our own service since most of our clients are asking us how to build their social media empire from scratch.  We will try to  help you build your social media empire by sharing our personal experiences, in Ra2media we are a community here not just clients. We want you to succeed! Your Success is our Success!

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We provide really high-quality SMM services.

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All SMM services you can find on our panel are super affordable.

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Orders that are placed on our panel are delivered super quickly.

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Our customers' reviews

See our customers' success stories to learn how our panel works.

 Zwielicht (BHW Admin)

For the review, I asked the seller to create an account and load it up  with $15 so that I could test various services on their panel. The  details of my review are below.

Service Information

  • The seller responded fairly quickly during the review process.
  • The Facebook pages likes were delivered,  although it looks like some of them ended up dropping off. I just kind  of expect this to happen with these panels.
  • The IG random comments, despite the service  being disabled shortly after, delivered the comments as I could see them  on the IG page I used.
  • Regarding the IG likes service, it appears  that all of the IG likes were delivered and none of them appeared to  have dropped off.
  • The YouTube views service appears to have just as successful as the IG likes service.

 arthuraxton (BHW JR VIP)

 You get what the seller advertises, but don't be over-enthusiastic.


Ordered 5 custom comments on a post, they delivered in a timeframe of 1-2 hours.
Comments came from fresh accounts, some without profile images, but with 0 posts, 0 followers and 0 followings.
I supplied 5 different comment lines in the order, however, 3 of them  were delivered identical to each other (which is the only con I didn't  expect to face)

Ordered 80 likes per post, which started delivering instantly,  from typical fresh accounts with 0 followers. Likes are delivered with  an interval of ~10 likes per minute or so. 

 littlerubby (BHW Regular Member)

  Thank you for the money. Here is a detailed review of the system. I hope it helps.

I tried 2 different Instagram like and 1 follower.

Profiles have profile pics, profile names are good and dont look bot names.

My opinion: It is quite expensive comparing to other platforms. 4.16 per  1k no refill followers is almost 4 times more than its competitors.  Also, it is kind of slow.

Overall: I will use their service for the 2 one Instagram Like. It is  cheap and fast. I am not very sure about buying followers since it is  kind of expensive and slow. 

 devebeck (BHW Regular Member)

Good service for increasing the number of likes. The accounts are fresh. Likes delivered very fast, in matter of minutes. 

  sekretseo (BHW  Registered Member)

 I ordered YT views and it's now served. It took 2 days to finish. I just  ordered few likes for my video and will update this post after it's  done. Thank you! SMM panel. Great services that are so cheap!

  zody77 (BHW  Newbie)

 Thank you for the money. Here is a detailed review of the system
I tried  Best Seller Youtube - 2-4 Mins Retention [Lifetime Refill Guarantee]

it is very good service .. i satisfied ( delevery time one day ) YT account is real .....

Hope to Add IG mention

thanks  ,,, ra2media 

 LiquidOCELOT (BHW  Senior Member)

Here is my review. After getting my review balance i tested the uhr  service short for Ultra High Retention Service on a video. After testing  i noticed it was just like it was described they over delivered me  views and also the traffic sources was from youtube features and browse  features. The correspondence from the support staff not only was great  on the ticket panel but also on there skype as well. They take there  work pretty seriously and deliver promising results as they describe on  there services mentioned. This seems to be a quality service and i would  not back away or fence away to say that this is a recommended service  and every one should at least minimum give it a try as these guys surely  mean business. 

 xraymundo (BHW  Regular Member)

 Hello there, ok so this is my honest review about this panel.

For the provided trial balance, I tested out Instagram Followers, ordered 120, and YouTube Subscribers, ordered up 50.

I literally ordered those yesterday(few hours or today in some  area/country) but in less than 24 hours or even 20 hours, my order was  finished. And the crazy thing is, my 120 Instagram Followers that I  ordered actually over delivered. I don''t know by how much or what  percentage but that's crazy. Over delivery is nice.

But all in all, you don't need that much service if the service sucks or  if you can't afford them right? This panel has reasonable and actually  competitive prices.

If I were to recommend this to others, I will say to them upfront that  it only has limited service but good prices. And the good thing about  this panel is this has so much room to grow and improve.

I will definitely come back to this panel again because they have the service that I want and is so cheap.


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